Tuesday, July 17, 2012

15/18mm For Sale


Well I’ve made the commitment to do 10mm for ACW, so I’m Putting up my abandoned 15mm for sale. So here is what I've got! Ranked up as 7 Infantry regiments and 3x4 gun batteries.

4 Rebel Napoleons and crew
8 Union rifled guns 4 parrot rifles and 4 ordinance rifles with crews
95 Old Glory 15’s Rebel Infantry
24 Blue Moon Rebal Infantry
50 Old Glory 15’s Iron Brigade/ western union infantry
20 Blue Moon Zouaves

I also have a whole case of unpainted lead that I’d be willing to give a good deal on
OG 15’s are comprised of:
26 union firing
17 iron brigade
45 various command
38 wounded
31 union firing line
41 union advancing
For 198 minis

Blue Moon
20 zouaves with command
8 union officers
7 union flag bearers
14 unpainted union inf. Marching
18 union infantry with some paint on them includes officer and 2 flag bearers
9 reb officers
9 reb flag bearers
8 infantry with some paint on them
for 93 minis 

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