Wednesday, November 30, 2011


These have been done for a few days, but just didn’t get around to taking photos.  What I really need is a digital camera that isn’t a point and shoot.

I have at least of 6 boxes of warlord Romans/Celts kicking around in the closet. I love how these guys paint up with very little effort. I find that it is hard to justify putting in tremendous amounts of time and energy  on Romans, when 99% of focus is put on the shields. Speaking of shields, I need to improve on my shield transfer work. If you look close you’ll see some that ended up off center or peeled back at some point during the drying/varnishing. It also doesn’t help that I haven’t done decal/transfers in over a year.

I used just the more static “standing with pilum” type pose for the whole unit. This required stealing from a few other sprues, and will facilitate a unit of throwing the pilums and with swords drawn. It didn’t seem to make sense to have part of the unit relaxed, while other parts were throwing or wielding shields. The boxes were designed with all poses to be used in a single unit, but I spent too much time wrestling with how to make this work… mostly should I have the swords in the front rank with pilums being thrown overhead, or should I have the throwers in the front rank with swords in the rear (like the pilums were being passed up). Ultimately I just decided to segregate the poses, with the idea that I could interchange bases with in units to facilitate a different look/composition.

Also of note, I didn’t use the centurion body included on the sprue, mostly because I couldn’t have him holding a pilum, but also because I wanted him to have the segmented armor and the centurion body is in mail. It’s nice that they are different and stand out more, but I wanted some to blend in.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Back To ACW

As I continue to jump around between eras and scales I find
myself back to 28mm EIR and 15/18mm ACW. I’m coming down off of a 10mm roman
vs. celts high… mostly because my order for more hasn’t come in yet and I’m
beginning to wonder if it ever will haha. So now my intent is to force myself
to paint union infantry, which I love to see in formation, but hate to paint. I’m
also trying to get some terrain together for a decent looking bored… those experiments will be forthcoming..

These farm fields are made from a door mat. Not sure how I feel
about them yet. I really need to invest in some teddy bear fur for some long
grass/wheat field. I really want to figure out a way to do a corn field, but I can’t
find a look I like for a price I like…

Gone Baby Gone

Just shipped out all of my 28mm Nappies to a gentleman in Wales. There they go! May they serve their new master well.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nappys for sale!

Need to unload these 28mm Plastics for some spending cash... I abandoned my unrealistic dreams of 28mm Napoleonics. I don’t have the space or the budget at this time of my life. I also have a random box of pike and shot from warlord that is never going to happen. So here is what I have:
Perry French Naps- painted to a war gaming standard. Two of the skirmishers are unfinished and will be included.
British Highlanders- a single figure finished… 16 in total off the sprue, assembled and in some state of panted.
British line- one sprue is untouched, 8 minis fully painted… the rest assembled as peninsular war

Warlord pike and shot- one sprue is cut out and has the beginning of a base coat on it, the rest, including the command sprue is untouched

I also have 2 waterloo british cols. With two ax toting pioneers (I think is what they are called) unfinished

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roman Fort

I built this over a year ago and it has sat on a shelf ever since! Styrofoam, clay and wood construction. 25/28mm. Designed to work with the edges of the table it has a tower that can form a right angle and a tower that fits into the straight section of the wall. Gate opens and even has a locking beam that will keep the barbarians out! I also built a damaged section that can be swapped in in case of siege.