Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Ruined City Phase I: Assessing

My goal is to build a ruined city to fight through in 15mm. I’m not looking for it to be specific but something that could represent a generic German city and possibly be re-purposed for something in Poland or Russia as needed. I've been trying to scratch build everything to keep the cost down. I want this project to be large scope and relatively detailed. Though I am walking a line between detail and ease of construction. Yes I could put more detail in, but I’m not sure what exactly I could do relatively cheaply. I have put rubble and support timbers inside the buildings to try to give them a bit more realism. I even printed out some tiles and some wall paper that I glued into one building. I haven’t been able to find any correct scaled furniture that I like. I want to have furniture laying around as well, or possibly some ruined machinery in the larger industrial looking buildings.

I’m working on building a road grid that all the buildings will fit into. My next biggest issue is one of planning. 
I just started work on a tile that will have 3 houses with small walled in yards… how do I transition from large factory type buildings to residential zones?

Initially I just had a few beers and just started cutting foam board… then I realized I needed to plan better… though admittedly I over think things…So I’d gladly accept any ideas or criticisms to improve details on a low budget or on how to lay out my city. 

First building I completed meant to represent 3 different small houses or shops. 

2nd building... possibly an apartment building?

 Just finished this one. Someone near and dear to me dubbed this a textile factory.

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