Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blood Moon Rising

So I've decided to jump into horror gaming, but I'm starting out with my own personal twist. I'm setting the game in upstate NY during the Colonial/ French and Indian War era. The time and place is still fraught with danger. A few miles away is the British garrison at Ft. Edward, and the Island base camp of Rogers Rangers. To the North, lies Lake George, and Ft. William Henry which is the only buffer to the French and their forts on Lake Champlain. 

Here the soil is rocky, but fertile, and farming communities have sprung up across the hillsides. Blockhouses still control and protect the countryside from raids. The locals have not managed to carve out a living in this wilderness by being meek or indecisive, rather, they prefer to face their problems head on. A plume of smoke or a couple of musket cracks in the distance will bring a dozen well armed men running from the hills. The garrison at Ft. Edward is close by, but their reaction to real-time crisis is slow at best and in some cases tragically inept.

To the West there is trouble at the Cameron Farm. A team of oxen was killed two nights ago. The animals were ripped to pieces and much of the animals were eaten. Large dog or wolf prints surround the bloody carcasses and then lead off to the tree line. Now, word has just come that the youngest Tanner girl is missing, and the same paw prints were found outside the Tanner cabin and outbuildings…

But what could have made such enormous prints? and what has happened to Rebecca Tanner?        

Construction has already begun on some hilly terrain that will hopefully drain off into a swampy area. Farm fields are being put together, rail fences and stonewalls are being built. 

An experimental block house is being constructed and plans for a potential stockade fortification are being considered.

Updates Forthcoming.  


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