Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon Rising 2

Update on the terrain build-

The greatest part of this whole project so far has been the cost- about $6. $3 for a tub of dry walling material to slather over my foam insulation hill, and another $3 of Elmer's Glue. Everything else has been things that have been laying around for ages. From old basing material/flock that I've had for 4 or 5 years, to boxes of matches and tooth picks, and even left over foam insulation that has been in the shed for ages... none of this is costing me (though an argument could be made that I've already paid for all of it).

The corner hill/mountain piece is coming along nicely. Waiting for the stream to dry so I can do some touch up painting on the water, and on a few places i seemed to have overlooked. I used a title adhesive that dries clear for the water effects. It seems to be working out thus far, have to wait and see when it's all totally dried. 

This field is simple and cheap. It's a piece of dark brown felt, covered in white glue, covered with a model train store flock that I've had for years. Once the glue dried I sprayed with a cheap Walmart clear coat.   

I am generally happy with how the blockhouse came out. More care could have been taken with the roofing, and there are some small errors that could have been avoided along the way, but I can't argue with the price. 

 Next on the to do list is:
1. A swamp section that the hill streams will run into
2. Possibly a creaky old bridge across a stream in the swamp?
3. At least one more flocked field
4. A corn field... this one has been a problem ... I just don't love my results so far in making my own stalks
5. Drawing up a plan for building a stockade?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blood Moon Rising

So I've decided to jump into horror gaming, but I'm starting out with my own personal twist. I'm setting the game in upstate NY during the Colonial/ French and Indian War era. The time and place is still fraught with danger. A few miles away is the British garrison at Ft. Edward, and the Island base camp of Rogers Rangers. To the North, lies Lake George, and Ft. William Henry which is the only buffer to the French and their forts on Lake Champlain. 

Here the soil is rocky, but fertile, and farming communities have sprung up across the hillsides. Blockhouses still control and protect the countryside from raids. The locals have not managed to carve out a living in this wilderness by being meek or indecisive, rather, they prefer to face their problems head on. A plume of smoke or a couple of musket cracks in the distance will bring a dozen well armed men running from the hills. The garrison at Ft. Edward is close by, but their reaction to real-time crisis is slow at best and in some cases tragically inept.

To the West there is trouble at the Cameron Farm. A team of oxen was killed two nights ago. The animals were ripped to pieces and much of the animals were eaten. Large dog or wolf prints surround the bloody carcasses and then lead off to the tree line. Now, word has just come that the youngest Tanner girl is missing, and the same paw prints were found outside the Tanner cabin and outbuildings…

But what could have made such enormous prints? and what has happened to Rebecca Tanner?        

Construction has already begun on some hilly terrain that will hopefully drain off into a swampy area. Farm fields are being put together, rail fences and stonewalls are being built. 

An experimental block house is being constructed and plans for a potential stockade fortification are being considered.

Updates Forthcoming.  


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

28mm Celt/Romans For sale

79 Celts- Including Women, Druids, Naked Fanatics, Slingers, Regular Infantry. Warlord Games and some Wargames Factory
20 Warlord Games Veteran Legion
24 Warlord Games Legion
20 Foundry Legion
 20 Foundry Legion
36 Foundry Axillaries
23 Foundry/Warlord Aux. Archers
1 Warlord Siege Onager with crew
1 Warlord Ballista with crew
1 Warlord Legate
1 Warlord Tribune
143 Roman Infantry
79 Celts
222 Infantry at $3.5 a piece= $777
2 Siege weapons ($29 each from the web store) plus Legate and Tribune= $100
$877 In total
$900 Shipped to the US

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Ruined City Phase I: Assessing

My goal is to build a ruined city to fight through in 15mm. I’m not looking for it to be specific but something that could represent a generic German city and possibly be re-purposed for something in Poland or Russia as needed. I've been trying to scratch build everything to keep the cost down. I want this project to be large scope and relatively detailed. Though I am walking a line between detail and ease of construction. Yes I could put more detail in, but I’m not sure what exactly I could do relatively cheaply. I have put rubble and support timbers inside the buildings to try to give them a bit more realism. I even printed out some tiles and some wall paper that I glued into one building. I haven’t been able to find any correct scaled furniture that I like. I want to have furniture laying around as well, or possibly some ruined machinery in the larger industrial looking buildings.

I’m working on building a road grid that all the buildings will fit into. My next biggest issue is one of planning. 
I just started work on a tile that will have 3 houses with small walled in yards… how do I transition from large factory type buildings to residential zones?

Initially I just had a few beers and just started cutting foam board… then I realized I needed to plan better… though admittedly I over think things…So I’d gladly accept any ideas or criticisms to improve details on a low budget or on how to lay out my city. 

First building I completed meant to represent 3 different small houses or shops. 

2nd building... possibly an apartment building?

 Just finished this one. Someone near and dear to me dubbed this a textile factory.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Burning Tanks

NOTE: In strict adherence to the scientific method, I used Tiger I's as the example for all three styles. Everyone loves Tigers, everyone loves fire... it was consistent, and appealed to the masses.  

 I am at a loss on which direction to go for markers indicating knocked out tanks… I bought the Battlefront pack of smoke/flames thingy… I then constructed from some examples posted on TMP, a couple markers from tree foliage (I never noticed the green showing through until I took this photos tonight)… and then tonight I built the third option out of a cotton ball, washer base, 16 penny nail for support…
I don’t know which direction to go… should I abandon the home made options? After looking at the options with my father (who used to be an avid modeler) he thought the tree foliage was too dense looking and didn't represent the wispyness of smoke… I thought that burning oil and rubber and paint (and asbestos???) would be a dense black smog and this the tree foliage would be better…. My brother, whom I play against (we are learning FOW rules together- yes I know we are late to the party but I never really gamed before, just painted), has no opinion (and all the minis he plays with are mine and are painted by me… so he is only allowed to the opinion I give him anyways… but I would actually enjoy an opinion in this matter)

Another issue that I have considered/disused was that of size. Are these plumes of smoke and fire too large? Having never seen a WWII ear tank A. get hit by an enemy round; B. Seen that WWII ear tank then catch fire and burn… I’m at a loss about how much smoke is appropriate…
Thanks for any comments you might have on this matter…   

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

For Sale

Wargames Factory 28mm Dark Ages:

Saxon Thegns - 32 minis still on sprues
Viking Bondi-  32 minis still on sprues
Viking Huscurls- 32 minis still on sprues
3 scratch built 28mm long houses