Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon Rising 2

Update on the terrain build-

The greatest part of this whole project so far has been the cost- about $6. $3 for a tub of dry walling material to slather over my foam insulation hill, and another $3 of Elmer's Glue. Everything else has been things that have been laying around for ages. From old basing material/flock that I've had for 4 or 5 years, to boxes of matches and tooth picks, and even left over foam insulation that has been in the shed for ages... none of this is costing me (though an argument could be made that I've already paid for all of it).

The corner hill/mountain piece is coming along nicely. Waiting for the stream to dry so I can do some touch up painting on the water, and on a few places i seemed to have overlooked. I used a title adhesive that dries clear for the water effects. It seems to be working out thus far, have to wait and see when it's all totally dried. 

This field is simple and cheap. It's a piece of dark brown felt, covered in white glue, covered with a model train store flock that I've had for years. Once the glue dried I sprayed with a cheap Walmart clear coat.   

I am generally happy with how the blockhouse came out. More care could have been taken with the roofing, and there are some small errors that could have been avoided along the way, but I can't argue with the price. 

 Next on the to do list is:
1. A swamp section that the hill streams will run into
2. Possibly a creaky old bridge across a stream in the swamp?
3. At least one more flocked field
4. A corn field... this one has been a problem ... I just don't love my results so far in making my own stalks
5. Drawing up a plan for building a stockade?

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  1. I'm always delighted to discover new 'Horror' games set outside the 'mainstream' Victorian and 'Pulp' eras, and specially if set in the mid-18th C.. Canada is for sure a location at least as propitious as 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' GĂ©vaudan or Transylvania!
    Your project looks particularly promising -what is the intended minis scale? 15mm, I'm afraid [just joking] if I appreciate correctly the size of the blockhouse?

    Btw, if I may, what about *labeling* the posts corresponding to this new project? Given you cover very diverse eras and genres, it makes exhaustive retrieval of relevant posts easier and more certain. It can be done under the 'edit posts' utility.

    Looking eagerly forward to discover the next instalment,
    best regards,