Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nappys for sale!

Need to unload these 28mm Plastics for some spending cash... I abandoned my unrealistic dreams of 28mm Napoleonics. I don’t have the space or the budget at this time of my life. I also have a random box of pike and shot from warlord that is never going to happen. So here is what I have:
Perry French Naps- painted to a war gaming standard. Two of the skirmishers are unfinished and will be included.
British Highlanders- a single figure finished… 16 in total off the sprue, assembled and in some state of panted.
British line- one sprue is untouched, 8 minis fully painted… the rest assembled as peninsular war

Warlord pike and shot- one sprue is cut out and has the beginning of a base coat on it, the rest, including the command sprue is untouched

I also have 2 waterloo british cols. With two ax toting pioneers (I think is what they are called) unfinished


  1. Hi Ben,

    I also saw these on TMP...would you post to UK?


  2. Jeff,
    I'm willing to ship if you're willing to pay the postage.

    contact me at